Narrow Track Vehicles

Narrow track vehicles - the convergence of the car and the motorcycle from gizmag.com is an interesting 23 minute long overview of the small and practical vehicles of tomorrow.

Interesting parts in the video
9:38 - Lumeneo Smera
11:13 - BMW C3
11:55 - Adiva
14:31 - Tilting three wheelers

Mentioned in the video
Adiva - www.bikez.com/motorcycles/adiva_ad_125_2011.php
Piaggio - www.gizmag.com/go/7730
Yamaha Tesseract - www.gizmag.com/go/8234


New products with Oliver Wendell Holmes quote

A bunch of new products with a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes has been created at Zazzle. Head on over to www.zazzle.com/mentalvagabond to have a look. There you'll find the quote on iPhone and iPad skins, t-shirts, keychains, postcards and more.



Here's one of the latest designs for iPad and iPhone cases, a cute baby saying "Peek-a-boo!". Shown here is the iPad case but you can find it - with a bit of variation - for the iPhone as well. Just click your way to www.zazzle.com/mentalvagabond to find the case you want - all customizable.


The song "Karoshi" uploaded to Ubetoo

This song called "Karoshi" has just been uploaded to Ubetoo. It's a hectic song with a bit different instrument setting.


Cuántas vidas para un abrigo?

This video in Swedish shows a protest in Madrid against fur-clothing.


Fractal Flame 1

I've just uploaded a fractal animation to Ubetoo. It's a fractal flame that rotates with a bit of background music. Have a look!

More about fractals:
* Så simulerar du fraktaler i Photoshop
* Tolv meter Unix-historia till salu
* Die 50 beliebtesten Bildschirmschoner


EEE PC with Linux

Asus EEE PC with Linux has become harder to find. Two places to buy are Toys R Us and Misco, according to Techworld.


iRiver MP3-player

A friend of mine has been given an MP3-player of the brand iRiver. It's an old one in the IFP-700 series, not sure which one. Now, the problem is how to get it to work with Windows XP. A lot of old links to drivers have been found but they lead nowhere now. The drivers I do find are firmware drivers but my problem is that I get no contact between iRiver and Win XP, the iRiver cannot be installed as a removable device. Anyone out there who knows anything about this and want to share?


Visit Norway

If you're planning to visit Norway then check out what could be awaiting:
Icke mist fotfestet!



Jiffy Creation

A new tune is published on Ubetoo. Like Apéritif, this one is short but this one is not as jolly. Have a listen at Ubetoo at the following links:
Jiffy Creation

And here are some reading tips:
Facebook giver efter for proteststorm (in Danish)
Facebook rectifica y no se apropiará de los contenidos de los usuarios (in Spanish)
FotoATLAS, el mundo en imágenes (in Spanish)
Myspace startar svensk musiksajt (in Swedish)
Hela listan med house-förgreningarna (in Swedish)
Pirate-Bay-Prozess: Ankläger rudert zurück (in German)
YouTube will Geld mit Downloads verdienen (in German)


Have you heard of AudioMicro? If you haven't, take a look at www.audiomicro.com. It's a stock music site, similar to the stock images sites around. Venturebeat has a good article about it, AudioMicro lands funds for stock music, sounds, and you can also check out AudioMicro at MySpace and Facebook. And by the way, my little composition "Apéritif" can be listened to there. This little tune can also be listened to at Ubetoo which is also a really interesting site for the composer looking for exposure.


Apéritif and electric cars

Here's a little tune from me. It's just a short little melody but quite nice and worth listening to, but that's just my opinion of course. ;-) Here's the link: Apéritif

And so, a reading tip. I'm so excited about all the new electric cars and it's so nice to see that there are not just boring ugly cars being developed but also sporty nice looking ones. So, if you know spanish, read what La Vanguardia has to say in El glamour ya es verde.


Electric cars on the move

The electric car is back! It's taken a while but the new electric cars are really interesting and especially the hybrids. The big problem has always been the charging issue, well, with a non-electric motor as a complement the hybrid cars more or less rid that problem. So, here are some links to more inspirational reading about the new and exciting electric cars:

Electric cars are taking charge (In English)
BILD testet das schnellste Elektro-Auto der Welt (In German)
Chryslers Antwort auf den Tesla Roadster (In German)
El primer deportivo eléctrico (In Spanish)
Svenskt-norskt "El-dorado" på gång (In Swedish)
Denne kjerra er ingen miljøsinke (In Norwegian)
Clooney's nye bil vandt designkonkurrence (In Danish)
Elektrische auto in schijnwerpers op autoshow Parijs (In Dutch)


First post

Here's a new blog! Couldn't get the URL that I wanted since it was already in use, so I had to add "the" in it. Well, I'll survive...

Anyway, the title for this blog, "Mental Vagabond", is what I feel like so a bit of everything is to be expected on this blog. The focus will be on photography and graphics since that's something I really like doing. I publish my work here and there and links to my stuff will be provided.

Now, to start off in a nice way, here's an image of mine:

This image is available for purchase from Fotolia.